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The Post-Care stage of the healthcare journey starts at the hospital and hospital network level, as the patient is discharged. At this stage, it’s absolutely imperative every patient receive the best options for post-care needs so readmissions are limited and brand loyalty is re-enforced. In a nutshell, this process needs to provide a self-care plan that can return the patient to the Wellness stage, if possible.

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Ebix’s SmartCare patient education instructions (in print or video form) are customized and integrated into some of the largest EMR service providers in the industry. Each article/video is written by leading medical experts and reviewed to meet health literacy guidelines and to pass the Meaningful Use certification process. Combined with A.D.A.M.'s award-winning images, SmartCare articles are designed to provide just the right amount of easy-to-understand information without overwhelming patients and their families.


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