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As health issues arise, how can we empower you to take the appropriate actions to identify a condition and seek the proper treatment? The truth is, health information can be given at every point of care but seems much more urgent at the Pre-Care stage in the healthcare journey. Therefore, our pre-care solutions are provided in real time by responsive tools that keep patient empowerment in mind.

Success Story:

Sickness is not a 9-5 problem. Often times we’re faced with tough medical decisions at a time when our personal physicians or specialists are not available. Ebix’s ‘Ask A Doctor’ service provides 24/7 access to more than 18,000 doctors in over 25 specialties available online to answer your most urgent questions. In addition, you’ll find a library of hundreds of answered questions from doctors and a Twitter page (@DailyHealthTips) with almost 3 Million followers. Both resources are designed to help you better understand your health issue, find the appropriate treatment and stay healthy!


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