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The healthcare journey starts with the overall health and wellness of your population. How can we empower consumers to better manage their health? What incentives can we provide each person that would motivate them to stay in shape? What analytics would help support sustained success? These are the questions we asked when we designed our entire package of wellness solutions. From health risk assessments to drug interaction tools to wearable fitness tracking devices, Ebix can provide or create a wellness solution that best fits your needs.

Success Story:

As the number of people using wearable tracking devices for fitness climbs above the 100 million mark, employers and healthcare professionals are looking for the best opportunities to jump aboard this growing trend of employee/patient self-care, mixed with engagement. Ebix is now linking a popular wearable fitness tracker (Peak Smart Watch) with an analytics dashboard. While the watch captures the consumer’s heart rate, recovery heart rate, bio age and wellness score, the dashboard collects this data, organizes it and provides an easy to understand analysis of the consumer’s health.


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